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What did we do all winter? Farm Update!

During the off-season at the farm, there is still so much going on to make the next summer possible!

Just before we covered the lavender for the winter! We had awesome help from our friends from Four Winds Farm in Amana! (Also, sneak peek on the treehouse in the back!)

It was a good thing we covered up the lavender because Iowa winter in January is no joke. Even in the snow, work on the farm didn't stop!

A behind-the-scenes look into our prep for the holiday market (Corridor Market!)!

Speaking of sneak peeks, here is a look at some of the kitchen details in one of the lodging options! We strive for excellence in all of our spaces!

The lavender after the snow is gone, and the tarps have been lifted! We can't wait to see how big the blooms will be this summer!

National Flower Day at the farm included a visit from both the Secretary of Agriculture, Mike Naig, and State Senator Dawn Driscoll! This visit came just a day after Calyx Creek had been awarded one of the Choose Iowa grants. We are so excited to show you what we are able to accomplish at the farm because of that gift!

After many crazy months and MANY unexpected turns, our building is just a few details away from being complete. The landscaping is currently underway as well so that the farm will be at its most beautiful for our grand opening this June.

We can't wait to see you there!


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