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Escape the Everyday

In 2022, driven by our passion for cultivating unforgettable farm experiences, we took the leap and acquired our farm just outside Iowa City, IA. Drawing inspiration from our family at Getting's Garden in Northwest Iowa and the enchantment of a lavender farm we discovered during our time in the Pacific Northwest, we embarked on the journey of establishing a remarkable lavender farm. Though we anticipate numerous obstacles on this adventure, we think you'll love visiting the farm for years to come as we progressively unveil the splendor of lavender right here in our beloved home state of Iowa.

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Our family (Stephanie, Taylor, and three girls) along with our extended family (parents, aunts, uncles, siblings, cousins, and even great-grandparents) have lent their time and talents to create for you some incredible plants, handmade products, farm-grown teas, and unique lodging, just to name a few. We look forward to having you experience them all and grow with us over the coming years as we create experiences that help you to escape everyday life on the farm.

Our Family
Lavender after Snow

Why lavender

Escape the sea of corn and beans and immerse yourself in the breathtaking sight of fields of purple. Capture the magic with unforgettable photographs and indulge in the aromatic ambiance that fills the air on quiet days. Delight in the longevity of lavender as your carefully dried bouquet continues to emanate its captivating scent for months, surpassing the lifespan of your standard air fresheners.


Prepare to be amazed by the versatile wonders of lavender, from sweet lavender lemonade to handcrafted lavender syrup that elevates your daily coffee ritual. Discover adorable lavender-stuffed animals that offer warmth and comfort when microwaved, ensuring endless snuggles for your little ones. Not to mention lavender bug spray that's a powerful tick, mosquito, and gnat repellent.

When we open late summer, come out and visit us before our grand opening in 2024.

Sunrise & Baby Lavender
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