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The Team

Meet the Crew at Calyx Creek

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Taylor Getting

Owner & Operator

Taylor is so excited to share his and Stephanie’s dream with all of you! As co-owner and operator of Calyx Creek, he hopes that Calyx Creek be a place where everyone is able to escape their everyday life. He is also a pilot and a father to three daughters. His favorite way to escape the everyday is to use lavender linen spray around the house to unwind and relax.

    Stephanie Getting

    Owner & Operator

    As a co-owner of Calyx Creek, Stephanie has a passion for creating spaces where community can grow. She is a mother to three daughters and her favorite way to escape the everyday is getting to use lavender bath and body products at the end of a long day.

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      Emily Gertsma

      Product Development

      & Social Media Manager

      Emily is in charge of Product Development and is Calyx Creek’s Social Media Manager. She is also a graduate student with a special passion for making handcrafted candles and soaps. Her favorite way to escape the everyday is with a good book and a lit lavender orange candle.

        Samuel Stecker

        Business Development

        Sam is our resident Business Development specialist here at Calyx Creek. When he isn’t working, he enjoys getting out into nature. His favorite way to escape the everyday is by winding down with a cup of Lavender Peppermint tea.

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